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BoP's Heathenology themed website design

Balance of Power’s Heathenology themed website offers detailed information about the band members, the discography and a selection of Balance of Power apparel that can be purchased from the site. The website’s header includes a flash animated scene complete with raven calls, stake flames with smoke and a subtle clock.
A fresh new web site is anticipated later this 2012 as BoP return to the studio to record a new album.

DVD Artwork

Heathenology CD/DVD cover design

Balance of Power’s Heathenology compilation CD/DVD pack of the UK band’s finest works spanning six albums. Typographic prose from Total Rock’s Malcolm Dome spans the discography details across the first half of the 24-page booklet while the second features quotes from the band over a number of fan’s photos taken at the live shows.

Heathenology booklet design pages 2-3
Heathenology booklet design pages 6-7
Heathenology booklet design pages 10-11
Heathenology booklet design pages 12-13

Promotional posters

Heathenology launch party poster and promotional design

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