Brooks Green // Portfolio

Brooks Green is an accountancy, tax specialist and business development practice based in Finchley in North London.

Logo design

The Brooks Green Logo

A well established one, the blue label concept Brooks Green logo was in service for some time albeit with a slight ‘double sword’ perception. The logo was carefully reshaped to reduce this. The characters’ pointed tails remain but now they have full counters and subtle ears. The result: less sword-like yet still recognisably Brooks Green.

Website // Visit

The Brooks Green website header

The Brooks Green website design makes use of WordPress as a CMS (Content Management System) and includes an archive of Quarterly News articles dating back six years – a most useful resource for people running businesses wishing to stay up to date with the latest developments.

Print designs

The Brooks Green folder

The Brooks Green folder open

Postcard designs

Brooks Green postcard one
Brooks Green postcard two

Brooks Green sought to engage with prospective clients with a series of thought provoking and emotive concepts though postcard designs.

Chosen from a series of six, these two found favour with the first no doubt chosen for being a young relation of one of the Brooks Green team!

The Brooks Green postcard rear

The reverse of the postcard design offers one year of accounting absolutely free. In austere times, these post cards are likely much sought after. If you’d still like to take them up on the offer, give them a call!

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